Club Penguin Codes

Club Penguin aims to be your favorite game to sit back, eat popcorn, and play with your best friends. Gaining in popularity, Club Penguin aims to release new cheat codes during parties, special events, or sometimes just for fun!

Here is how to unlock their codes in 2016:

  1. On the website, scroll to the bottom and click “Unlock Items.”
  2. Enter your name/password
  3. Click “I’ve got a code” and enter whichever code you have.

Note: You cannot unlock the same code twice.

Below, are some codes and the treasures they unlock:

ALTAVOZ4 - 500 coins
CADENCEC - 500 coins
FOOTBAL1 - 500 coins
TREEBASE - 500 coins
LOLZ2331 - 500 coins
SOMBRERO - Tricorn Hat
REDSCARF - 500 coins
NOWHERE7 - 500 coins
PERCIVAL - 500 coins
GHOSTTOT - Ghost Costume
ESPONJAS - 500 coins
PIZZERIA - 500 coins
PINTAR13 - 500 coins
STARWARS - Kloo Horn
MONKEY4U - Adorable Monkey Costume
PASCUA15 - Bunny Head Costume